The Oldest Cat

Cat Fancy magazine asked their readers to report the oldest cat. The winner is 28-year old Possom, rescued by Kenny and Mony Bryant just before their wedding day in 1982. What's amazing about Possom is she's retained her girlish looks, svelte figure and good health for all these years. It's seems as she's gone Hollywood with plastic surgery, but she hasn't.

Possom and Mony Bryant.jpg

Possom and Mony Bryant

According to a piece, her owners call her "part vampire." 

The Bryants say Possom is sweet, as
long as she wants to be and if you pet her under her chin or between
her ears. Touching her hips or tail is often a prelude to pain.

Possom entered their lives, Mony worked ground maintenance at an RV
park in Holiday, FL where she helped an abundance of feral cats in the
area. She trapped more than two dozen and took them to the animal
shelter. Possom was a few weeks old when she was snared, barely a
pound, hissing, spitting and clawing. But when Mony cradled the kitten,
she purred, sounding like a broken chain saw.

Possom's competition in the long-lived contest - Smokey, 26 1/2; William Shakespeare, 26; and Missy Mae,
25 1/2. Susan Logan, editor of Cat Fancy, said the oldest cat from reader submissions came in 2007, 36-year-old Baby. The most elderly cat ever, according to Guinness World Records, was Creme Puff, a Texan, who passed away in 2005 at 38 years and three days.

Possom was once mostly white with a dark undercoat, reminding Mony of an
opossum.  As she aged, her fur darkened, now cream with
caramel and brown splotches. Her blue eyes are clear, her vision
excellent, as well as her hearing. She has all her teeth as well. At times she walks sort of wobbly.

by her choice, lives in the dark, cool bathroom with Grunt, who, at 16,
is the second-oldest cat in the household, shared with five others --
Lulu, Squirrel, Bone, Rambo and Pee Wee -- and a Rottweiler puppy named
Conan. Possom isn't especially fond of them, as she wasn't of their
predecessors: three dogs and more than a half dozen cats, their urns
displayed in the home. Mony, 53, who never wanted children, said that
she felt  like a proud mother when Possom won. Possom will be featured
in the September issue of Cat Fancy.

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