Pit Bull Saves Lives

Pit Bulls are dogs - and here's what dogs do: In Bristol, IN, a home caught fire this past Thursday. Thor, who happens to be a Pit Bull not only worked hard to awaken the family, he actually pulled the bassinet with the baby inside it to safety.


Heroic Pit Bull, named Thor

Finally, after lots of initial barking and no response, Kemper Hunter and Sarah Laughlin awakened.  Kemper said, Thor had to resort nipping him on the ear before he woke up. The dog could have just saved himself...but he kept at it until both Kemper and Sarah were awake....The Thor moved fast to get the baby to safety, a 3-month old, just in time. Moments later the house was completely engulfed in flames.

Hunter later said, "Thank God for him (Thor), because if it wasn't for him, everything else is
replaceable, I think we'd still be laying in
that bed if my dog hadn't been as heroic as he was."

The family didn't have renter's insurance. The Red Cross of Elkhart County has set up a fund to help them. Please call the Red Cross at 574-293-6519 if you'd like to help. (thanks to Facebook friend Jan for the heads up on this story)

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