Does Trouble Follow Michael Vick, Or....

Does trouble follow Philadelphia Eagles QB, and convicted dogfighter Michael Vick, or does he follow trouble?

This happened at the end of June - and I am only blogging about it now, because really there were so few news reports. Maybe you heard about it - I didn't.

A man was shot outside a Virginia Beach nightclub in Guadalajara where Vick was holding his 30th birthday party. The shooting occurred at 2:30. The police now concur Vick had left the scene before any shots were fired, and was not directly involved.


It does seem Michael Vick knows how to party

Probably, that is true - at least that's what police say...but Vick's record of being honest with authorities isn't exactly spiffy clean is it?

Reports vary some, but apparently this is what happened.  Quanis Phillips, a
co-defendant in Vick's dogfighting case, flew into a rage when Vick and
brother Marcus Vick told him to leave the 30th-birthday

And that IS the headline. You see, Vick is barred from associating with Phillips under his parole
agreement. Phillips' brother was, according to media reports, also at the bash. Phillips and his brother were, according to some reports, invited guest, mingling with other party goers. Other reports indicate they crashed the affair and that Michael and/or Marcus Vick told them to go.

Before leaving on his own, or being asked to...Phillips reportedly created a stir, perhaps splattering frosting on the quarterback. In the parking lot, there obscenities and punches back and forth, and then Phillips was shot. 

who was sentenced to 21 months in prison for his role in Vick's
infamous Bad Newz Kennels dogfighting operation, was treated at Sentara
Virginia Beach General Hospital before being released. And, so far, no arrests.

Vick told that he should have listened to his mother, and kept the party a more private. I don't believe everything on the Net, but there was one suggestion that Vick even sold tickets to the party??  Vick added,   "Everything in my life is a work in progress. I never thought something
like that would happen. If I knew I never would have showed up. There
was a lot of things I could have done to avoid a situation like that,
but I didn't."

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell cleared Vick of any wrongdoing, though the NFL could have disciplined Vick if they had wanted to. Vi$$ (oops meant to write Vick), spoke to Goodell, but the contents of their discussion wasn't made public.


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  • Michael Vick continues to show that he lacks common sense. It seems to me that he hasn't really left his past behind him.

  • This is outrageous. Yet HSUS continues to call him a role model. With his history, if he had actually learned anythingc(as he claims he has) he would not be *anywhere* having a bash at a club, where NFL players so frequently find gun and other problems. This guy should be thrown back in jail for violation of parole - invited or not, it broke the terms if he did anything less than immediately call police to make it clear he did not wilfully associate with this literal partner in crime. This SHOULD be all over the news and the Eagles and the NFL need to actually take a stand instead of passing becsuse of their profits off this jerk.

  • In reply to Alene:

    Role model for what....well, for the HSUS raising more $$$ to fight dogfighting...??

    And the Eagles and NFL clearly have taken a stand - right? Not exactly the stand I might take, though.

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