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Best Animal Behavior Website Gets Better with Expert Overview

I am proud to say I’m a part of this story. When legendary veterinary behaviorist Dr. R. K. Anderson told me, “I’m the same age as Betty White, you know…and I want to assure a positive future for ABRIonline,org (Animal Behavior Resources Institute).” I’m on the Board of Director at the American Humane Association, which... Read more »

Dogs in Church? Anything for a Cookie, Right?

Some dogs will always accept cookies, even in communion. St. Peter’s Anglican Church in Toronto, has long been known as an open and inclusive place. So open, it seems, they won’t turn anyone away. Not even a dog. That’s how a blessed canine ended up receiving communion from interim priest Rev. Marguerite Rea during a... Read more »

Horses with a Heart on Steve Dale's Pet World, WLS

This is quite an organization – BraveHearts Therapeutic and Riding Center. Through horseback riding, lives are changed. The human and equine volunteers here serve people coping with physical, mental and emotional changes to rebuilding confidence, strength and self-esteem. And it works! Lives are changed. I want to know what’s going – how does it work... Read more »

Does Trouble Follow Michael Vick, Or....

Does trouble follow Philadelphia Eagles QB, and convicted dogfighter Michael Vick, or does he follow trouble? This happened at the end of June – and I am only blogging about it now, because really there were so few news reports. Maybe you heard about it – I didn’t. A man was shot outside a Virginia... Read more »

Pets for Pat

Likes lots in life….more complex than this video makes it out to be….but the gist is right, overall. Anyway, Illinois voters with pets (or without) should know.

Canine Heroes Come In All Sizes, All Breeds

I’ve noticed this trend…If there’s a dog bite involving a Golden Retriever (and believe it or not, that does happen) we never hear about it in the media. If it involves a Pit Bull (or dog that generally looks like a Pit Bull), Huge Headlines! Similarly, if a Golden Retriever is a hero dog –... Read more »

USA Weekend Cover Story: Why Pets Are Priceless

It’s common knowledge that pets are good for us. Scientists around the world know this! There are now two questions those of us in my world are asking… One of those questions I address in this past weekend’s USA Weekend. Read about new studies revealing WHY pets are good for us. I mean exactly, what’s... Read more »

Ten of the Cutest Cat Moments on YouTube

This video depicts 10 very cute cat moments, and I think the timing is right to post this – in conjunction with a CATalyst Council meeting at the Conference of the American Veterinary Medical Association in Atlanta, GA.

Pit Bulls Aren't the Problem, Some Owners ARE

I posted this video because the dude narrating does such a nice job of reflecting the facts…Also, I like the depiction of the American flag throughout….Ironic, because breed bans are likely unconstitutional. 

Cat Food Recall

Nothing yet on the FDA site, but Iams  (Procter and Gamble) reports this and the AVMA confirms these cat food recalls. The following notice was received by the AVMA from Procter & Gamble on Sunday, July 25, 2010: The Procter & Gamble Company (P&G) (NYSE:PG), is voluntarily recalling two specific lots of its therapeutic renal... Read more »