Singer/Songwriter Mary Ann Kennedy and Cutting Edge Medicine Steve Dale's Pet World on WLS

It's not every day that a Grammy Award winner appears on Steve Dale's Pet Word at 890-AM WLS, 2 pm cst Saturday, June 12. Singer/Songwriter Mary Ann Kennedy talks about her new tune, "Who's Saving Who."

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Mary Ann Kennedy and Reba McIntyre

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Mary Ann Kennedy

This song is amazing - check out some of the lyrics - she's singing here about pet adoption:

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"An open heart wants wants to be your home...unwanted un-needed, now
there is love. Who saved who? To the world it looks like I saved you.
Who saved who? We both know the truth. Who saved who?"
When purchased from Mary Ann Kennedy's website, a portion of the proceeds help American Humane to help homeless cats.

Also, on the show internal medicine specialist Dr. Keven Gulikers. I just returned from the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine Forum.

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I attend many veterinary conferences, but this one is all about cutting edge medicine documented here by scientists and veterinary specialists. Aside from taking your phone calls and texts. Dr. Gulikers will talk about:
•    2010 ACVIM Animal Survivor stories

ACVIM 09 great dane.jpeg

(and much more on these not so miracle pets in a future blog post - it's all about what specialty medicine can do these days).
•    One Medicine Track, and how discoveries in veterinary medicine help humans:
      The key to curing and preventing human diseases such as asthma, treating cancers, H1N1 influenza, and IBD may lie in the paws of man's best friend.
•    Other interesting sessions included: MRSA in companion animals (and other infectious diseases); Feline Panleukopenia: Recognition & Management of Atypical Cases; Of Mice & Men (and DOGS!): Xenogenic DNA Vaccination for Canine Malignant Melanoma

  • 2010 ACVIM Animal Wellness Expo

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