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It's All About the Cat, Experts Speak Out

Celebrating Cats!! My latest WLS 890-AM On Demand show celebrates the cat – and by listening you can get a FREE copy of a cat welfare and care booklet call CATegorical Care. What’s the number one reason why cats die? No, not cancer, or kidney disease….it’s when cats begin to have accidents outside the litter... Read more »

The Unicorn Song

By your demand – here’s a flashback for Chicagoans….Ray Raynor featured Dr. Lester Fisher, then director of the Lincoln Park Zoo on the Ark in the Park segment. The segment began with The Unicorn Song by the Irish Rovers. More on Ark in the Park in my previous blog post. Now, soothing that craving for... Read more »

Ark in the Park with Ray Rayner and Dr. Lester Fisher

I love this question! The perfect way to celebrate my ChicagoNow 400th post “Like you, I too enjoyed learning about the animals when I used to watch Ray Rayner.  Would you happen to know the lyrics to that catchy little theme song that was played?”  Howard W. My earliest influences re: the animal world, Dr.... Read more »

Our Hormonal Treatments Impacting Our Pets

The spreading popularity of topical hormone treatments in people, particularly menopausal women, is having unintended medical consequences for the users’ pets, according to a recent report from the Veterinary Information News Service. Spayed dogs and young female puppies are showing up in veterinary exam rooms with markedly swollen vulvas as if they are in heat.... Read more »

Take Your Dog to Work Day

June 25 should have been a national holiday – it was Take Your Dog to Work Day! If you’re contemplating the idea, here’s what it can look like, for better or worse.

Dogs Being Left Pawed or Right Pawed

Are dogs left pawed or righted pawed….Actually dogs do have preferences. It’s been thought more noise reactive dogs are left pawed. Is that truly the case? Presenting at the 2007 International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC) Conference, here’s veterinary behaviorist Dr. Karen Overall. 

Lindsey Wagner Eat Your Heart Out, Here's A Bionic Feline

A 2 1/2-year old cat in England, named Oscar, whose back legs were chopped off in a farming accident, has been given a new bionic pair. Not only doesn’t this happen every day, this is a first in veterinary medicine. The accident occurred in October (2009), see Oscar today for yourself – seeing is believing. 

The Baby Learns How to Play Dog

What’s particularly interesting to me about this video is how the baby is actually learning from the dog. The dog is teaching baby to move arms, nearly like a canine play bow. And unless the baby responds a certain way, the dog doesn’t respond at all. Interesting. Thanks to Facebook Fan Page friend Catherin F.... Read more »

The Most Amazing Dog Act EVER!

Tina Humphrey and Chandi at Crufts in 2009. This year, they went on to wow the judges on Britain’s Got Talent. Now, this is cool (even if you normally don’t enjoy the ballet). 

Chicago Dog Friendly Areas and Dog Beaches, Steve Dale's Pet World, WLS

Way back when I helped created dog parks (referred to in Chicago as Dog Friendly Areas). And still, I’m the first to say – be careful! Dog parks can be great – but they’re not for all dogs under all circumstances. at the dog beach just north of Montrose Avenue Beach And what can you... Read more »