Natural Balance Recall

Natural Balance Sweet Potato & Chicken Dry Dog food has just been voluntarily recalled, 5 lb and 28 lb. packages manufactured December 17, 2009 with a "best by" date of June 17, 20011. A random sampling tested positive for Salmonella.

Natural Balance Sweet Potato & Chickan.jpg

Mysterious to me, the FDA pet food recall site has no listing of this (though it is voluntary, nearly all pet food recalls are voluntary). Still, here is a letter from Natural Balance Pet Foods President and CEO Joey Herrick, which was sent out on the Internet. Illnois is among the 26 states affected.

Maybe it's damage control, but Herrick does seem sincerely shaken. Like the recent Iams recall, it seems no pets were actually sickened - and the companies are being voluntarily pro-active and transparent.


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  • Hey,Steve. The FDA is putting everything here: although I don't recall them saying anything about discontinuing notification elsewhere on their site. I got it off the widget I've got on dancingdogblog and have found that the widget is, as expected, somewhat behind the action depending on what time the notice arrived at FDA...some, certainly not all, companies still seem to bury notices late on Friday.

  • You're more than welcome, Steve. The widget's info link was designed to get the essential message out quickly and I'm sure you're right that it was not found at the main link due to the late Friday timing. I was really impressed with the company's letter from the president - a good model for other companies to follow in terms of transparency.

  • In reply to maryhaight:

    Well, ideally - of course, we don't want recalls...but Iams recently did the same, very proactive, I agree Mary.

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