Diabetic Cats and Pets in Wedding Parties on Steve Dale's Pet World on 890-AM, WLS

What's going on with diabetes and cats? Diabetes is occurring more than ever. Feline veterinarian Dr. Colleen Currigan on Steve Dale's Pet World today (Saturday, June 5), 890-AM WLS at 2 p.m. cst.
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Dr. Colleen Currigan

Feel free to phone in or text your questions. And you can listen online.

-Can cats avoid diabetes?

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- How to manage with diet change (to increased protein), and weight loss.
- How to manage with insulin
- How exercise makes a difference too.
- Can some cats revert to normal even after being diagnosed with diabetes?

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Also, on the show - the discussion of another trend - Pets in weddings! Pets are serving as "Best Men" and "Matrons of Honor." If it's a dog, it turns out you can train your dog specifically for this task. And, of course, the big question is - what  the heck to wear. Only Miss Meowsky knows all the answers.


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  • Interesting. I wonder does it have to do with too little exercise (diabetes, that is)?

  • My understanding from the vets and nutrition experts I trust most is that the high carbohydrate content in commercial kibble is a leading factor in feline diabetes.

    Dogs and cats are carnivores. Kibbled diets, which tend to be high in corn and other fillers, are designed more for human convenience than nutritional need, and appear be at greater risk of being spiked with the toxin melamine in order to raise nitrate levels (which are measured to confirm protein content).

    As with people, a natural high-quality diet pays off in the end when it comes to the health of your pet.

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