CATegorical Care: Free Cat Health and Welfare Guidebook

Hot off the press - created to support Adopt-A-Cat month from American Humane and the CATalyst Council: CATegorical Care: An Owner's guide to America's #1 Companion.

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This is a FREE guide (click above link to download) with the latest information on cat health and welfare meant for both novice and experienced cat owners.

Here are 10 highlights from CATegorical Care:
- Adopting a cat or kitten from a shelter is a wonderful option.

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-If you have one dog, you might be just the right home to add a cat. The truth is (despite general public misconceptions) most dogs get along fine with cats.
- Spay/Neuter isn't only best for health reasons, it's the socially right thing to do if you really care about cats.


- Kitten socialization classes may prevent later behavioral problems.
- Microchips and collars with ID tags must be standard operating equipment for all cats.
- While life outdoors is more unpredictable and therefore (some might argue) more interesting for cats, it is CLEARLY MORE DANGEROUS. Outdoor cats are at risk, and may threaten public health and create behavior issues in neighboring indoor cats. Letting your cats roam is irresponsible!
- You can train a cat to do nearly anything you can train a dog to do.

- Don't assume that just because your cat is living indoors, your cat can't get sick. Twice annual wellness exams catches illness early, saves owners money and saves lives.
- Heartworm Disease happens in cats (as well as dogs).
- If you are pregnant, there is NO reason to give up your cat(s). It is highly unlikely anyone can get toxopolasmosis from a cat (regardless of what others may or may not say).

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