Steve Dale's Pet World Honors Military Working Dogs, and Cats Too

Exciting Steve Dale's Pet World Saturday (May 29), 2 PM CST, AM 890-WLS.


When John Burnam, author of "A Solider's Best Friend" joined us last week to talk about military heroes with four-legs, we were inundated by calls and text messages

miltary wokring dog 4.jpg

This week, Ron Aiello of U.S. War Dogs joins us to talk about military working dogs, and the effort to build a monument to honor the United States Armed Forces Working Dog Teams.This is long overdo - and I very much want to help, and ask for your help.

Also, George Casey, interim president and CEO at the American Humane Association and Dr. Jane Brunt, executive director of the CATalyst Council have lots to announce about Adopt-A-Cat month (begins June 1), including how you can dowload a FREE kid's CATivity book and a manual for cat health care and a cat behavior guide, called CATegorical Care - and that's FREE too!

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I'll be giving some of you hard copies of the CATivity book

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and CATegorical care on June 5, at around noon following the 5th Annual Tree House Humane Society Stray Cat Strut & Walkathon. The catwalk begins at the Tree House location on Ashland Ave. in Bucktown (1629 N. Ashland) and finishes up in Uptown, 1212 N. Carmen. Registration is $25.

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  • Whoa, are you saying they have military working cats? Do they use them to sniff the food and signal that it's not fit to eat? Or just to keep the mice and bugs under control?

  • I find it outrageous that not only cannot I not write about this site (the military dog site) safely, b/c of their outdated ideas on copyright (hey, it's called creative commons now folks!), but I can't use any of their pictures either ... AND... there is no link or email on the site to request permission. Too bad. I was going to blog this story. It's unacceptable that the web designers and the military folks are so unwilling to give bloggers access to the content and the pictures to spread the word. We do cite sources, BTW. These are the very the 'people' they are asking to donate funds, aren't they? Just unacceptable. IMHO

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