Guest Blogger: Dr. Sheldon Rubin - Overweight Dogs, Saving Money on Heartworm Preventative

Guest Blogger: Dr. Sheldon Rubin

By Dr. Sheldon Rubin

Winter is gone and now is the time to get those added pounds
off of your pet.  Did you know
40 to 50% of our pets are obese?


Sounds like a parallel to us, if you ask me.  Of course, it would be, since obesity in our pets is related
to human behavior.  You heard me;
we are at fault for our pets bulges. However, before you yell at the family for
table feeding, a recent study from Tufts University showed that over ½ of the over
the counter pet foods labeled as "light" were over the maximum calorie amounts
as prescribed by federal agencies. 
So, if you feed what it says on the label your pet can actually gain

So what should you
do?  Contact your veterinarian and
discuss the benefits of the prescription therapeutic diets that actually are
20% less in calories and meet all the federal requirements.  Start an exercise or play program to
help burn off those excise calories ... it'll be good for you too!  And most of all, change your behavior; show your love with hugs and kisses and not food.

Giving Back: I always love when pet health companies give back to
society.  Novartis will provide a
free single dose of Interceptor Heartworm Preventive to a shelter or rescued
dog or cat via qualifying veterinary clinics for every rebate redeemed through
their program. The rebate is terrific! 
$6 for every 12 month package you buy from your veterinarian, and a
shelter pet gets protection from heartworm disease.  Sounds like a win-win to me.

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