Dog Gets Stuck in Chair And Can't Get Out

Retirement living can be dangerous. These darn new fangled gadgets. At the Sunrise of Naperville Assisted living center, an old resident needed help. While no doubt either watching that kid Larry King, or maybe Wheel of Fortune, an old dog got stuck in his chair.

dog in chair.jpg

beware of chairs

He needed help because he became wedged in an electric reclining chair.

He really couldn't get up. And by old dog, we do mean - a dog.

Naperville, IL firefighters were called in - and they used a saw to free the dog.

According to a printed report on this story of rescuing the dog from a chair, the dog was fine. The residents at the assisted living facility, mostly women, took advantage of the situation to gawk at the young whippersnapper hot firefighters. Word has it, the dog later that same night tuned into Animal Planet. Some dogs just like their TV. 

(Thanks for Facebook friend Pat for the idea for this post)


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  • Happens to the best of us.

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