Cruise for Pets, Walk for Pets, and Take a Slap Shot for Pets on Steve Dale's Pet World

I must say the Chicago Canine Architecture Cruise began with my radio shows around 10 years ago!

Cruising with dogs on Lake Michigan

And once again these excursions on our beautiful Lakefront for dogs (and their people) are being offered by the Mercury Skyline Cruiseline, starting from from July 11. And, a cruise to benefit cats and the Tree House Humane Society is May 16. Cats aren't expected to come along - but people who do will help all cats. Holly Agra of Mercury Skyline Cruiseline will talk about these activities, Saturday April 24 on Steve Dale's Pet World, 2 p.m. cst on 890-AM, WLS.

Bark in the Park benefiting the Anti Cruelty Society of Chicago might just be the most popular walk for homeless animals in America.


with Roz Varron of WLS-TV and Bart Shore of WBBM-AM at Bark in the Park

This year, the new pet stamp will be debuted at the event on May 1, and also a a record may be broken for the Guinness Book of World's Records. Nadine Wamsley, vice president development and public relations at the Anti Cruelty will be on the show to yelp about this great event, which Hosea Sanders and Roz Varron of WLS-TV are the hosts.

I must say I likely have the only radio show on the planet with a
resident cat expert who is also a renown hockey expert. So, we'll talk
Blackhawk playoff hockey and talk cats - Beth Adelman, cat behavior
consultant (International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants) answers your cat questions. 

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