Dog Camp: Where Dogs Can Be Dogs

Sending your kids off to camp this summer? I mean fur kids. Camp Dogwood gives your dog a chance to be a dog. There are now camps for dogs all over America, but in Ingleside, IL, Camp Dogwood is Chicago area choice.

Dogs can swim the old fashioned way, just by their people tossing toys or balls into the water.


Or they can learn to competitively dive off a dock (dogs are judged by distance jumped). There are lessons in agility and flyball (canine sports), sometimes lessons in freestyle (a dog sport where you learn to dance with your dog).


There's hiking, often herding lessons, lessons in teach dogs to catch Frisbee discs; and always crafts and other activities which happen indoors. Talks about care and behavior are offered by experts (I've spoken before and plan on talking again at the next camp session). And there's always a veterinarian available to answer questions, or attend to any problems. Here's a brochure.

Of course, this is your dog's vacation - so the focus is on dogs....Still, there's a certain camaraderie because everyone attending obviously has (at least) a dog. The next camp session is May 28-31. Soon I'll post a slideshow with our memories from Camp Dogwood.  

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