See Top Pet Stories 2009

Here are my top twenty pet stories for 2009! It was a wild year....


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  • I agree MMS.... spray tan ala California style.
    I am thrilled to see Dr Rubin in one of the pictures with Steve and Steve's Cat. BTW Happy retirement Dr Rubin, and please keep fighting for our right to own our animals and our right to decide what is the correct way of caring for each one. Your words are well are yours Steve. I cannot thank each of you enough.

  • Wow, Steve, it was quite the year for animal news. Of course, anything about Michael Vick makes my blood boil. Chris Rock - what an idiot for his comments. Glad mandatory s/n bit the dust - s/n ABSOLUTELY but this mandatory action would have made things worse not better. RIP Uga and Taco Bell pup. I can't wait to see what 2010 brings. Hopefully more good than bad. I would love to see the end to BSL everywhere and more focus on the irresponsible dog owners and at the top of my wish list is the end to dog fighting. Thank you for all that you've done, Steve, to champion animals over the years.

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