Gene Identified for Compulsive Behavior in Doberman's Might Help People, Also Greyhound Rescue and TNR on WLS Radio

Look at your dog. Your dog's brain is pretty much like your brain...

dog's brain.jpg

Fido's brain


human brain.jpg

Fred's brain

Dr. Nicholas Dodman, director of the Animal Behavior Clinic at Tufts Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine and several colleagues just identified the gene responsible a compulsive behavior in Doberman's.


Dodman and Dr. Edward Ginns, neuroscientist at  UMass Medical School, are convinced they will find the same gene in people. Dodman talks about this newsworthy discovery Saturday (January 8) 2 pm on Steve Dale's Pet World, on WLS, or 890-AM.

It's a split shift for me tomorrow. On the early show, 6 am, Rick Ingersoll of Greyhound Alliance will talk about an upcoming Fiesta benefit, on Saturday afternoon.


 I've interviewed thousands of pet experts and pet owners...I will now turn the tables. A student at the Northwestern University Medill School of Journalism will interview me about Trap/Neuter/Return of feral cats.

On both the 6 am bark out and also again at 2 pm, I'll take your phone calls - of course.


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  • I just read this article about Dobe's this morning. Interesting.

    Slightly Off-topic (but not really, since Dr. Dodman is anti-Cesar Milan), I also just checked on the results for the People's Choice Awards, and unfortunately Cesar Milan's show won the award for "Best Animal Show". I had voted for Animal Cops. The others that did not win were DOGTOWN, It's Me or the Dog, and Rescue Ink Unleashed.

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