Treatment for FIP?

According to Dr. Al Legendre PI (Polyprenyl Immunostimulant) might be a treatment for FIP.
If your cat has been diagnosed with, Legendre might make the PI treatment available.

Lots of promising treatments for Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP) have come and gone over the years. For starters, Legendre is hardly a quack - the guy is revered in veterinary medicine, and is a professor in the department of small animal clinical sciences, University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine, Knoxville. He concedes more research is necessary, but it seems PI does help cats with dry FIP (non-effusive); though - so far - cats with wet FIP (effusive) don't seem as lucky.

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  • Steve, was this the drug you were asking Dr. Pederson and Dr. Addie about in your interviews with them. I seem to remember Dr. Pederson was doubtful and Dr. Addie was a bit more hopeful. Even if PI is helpful with the dry form of FIP, I think the challenge may be to diagnose it quick enough

  • Steve,
    A chill went down my spine when you mentioned vaccines and FIP. I lost a kitten in March to FIP. His surviving brother was doing fine until I took him to my vet on November 21, 2009. He vaccinated him for rabies, rhino/calci/panleuk and FeLV. I had no idea that could be dangerous. On December 22, my little Jake was diagnosed with dry FIP. I have been giving him human interferon for four days. He is eating but lethargic and anti-social. He was perfectly fine until that vet visit. Of course we knew he had been exposed to corona--he was a shelter kitten. Why oh why could my vet not have been a little more conservative? I'm sick about this and was surprised to hear that Dr. Addie had not considered this connection. Five vaccines would stress any cat's immune system. In my Jake's case, instead of protecting him they are his death sentence. I'm so sorry I ever brought him in.

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    We lost a very special kitten, Little Girl, three years ago. A couple weeks ago, Kiki, light of my life, was diagnosed. In both cases, FIP appeared about a month after vaccines. I hope this connection is examined and people made to understand. We are trying PI on Kiki even though she has effusive (wet) type. They are still working on the possibility that some success may be obtained by dialing in the dosage for effusive form. She's on the latest dosage considered potentially effective. Thin hope is better than none, but I'm sleepless and on the internet at this time because I understand how thin it is.

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