Animals in Illinois are Safe

Report Ranks Illinois Best in Animal Protection Laws, according to the Animal Legal Defense Fund. Actually, I personally agree with this...And soon, I hope, for a new law. And you read it here first:

County Sheriff Tom Dart (who we can credit for many animal protection
laws) was on my WLS show discussing the dog fighting bust at a day care
center. I suggested stiffer penalties for anyone involved in dog
fighting that's within 1,000 feet of a school zone, children's play lot
or day care center. Best Friend's Animal Society is working on writing such a law with Dart's office. Ledy Van Kavage, formerly with the ASPCA is now with Best Friends, and is responsible for writing many of our animal protection laws in Illinois. (click read more below)

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We still do need laws to go after pet stores selling dogs, puppies,
kittens and cats from puppy mills and warehouse for animals (in reality puppy mills are
far more prevalent in nearby states). Or at least full disclosure laws
about where the animals in the pet store really came from, what they
really are in the first place and the truth about how long they've been
at the store.

HOWEVER, you can have too many laws...For
example, we don't need mandatory spay/neuter. Laws like this, however
well-intentioned, have unintended consequences which go along with
them. At some point, the truth is, that lawyers for animal rights
groups keep going, writing laws just to write them, to further their organizations' agendas, and to justify their own
existence. So while animal protection is a VERY good thing. And I'm
proud of what we have here in Illinois. Let's also not go too far!


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  • Normally I agree with you - but I've been on the receiving end of the misuse of "full disclosure" laws. Any AR nut can destroy your life when you're required by law to give up all your personal information, as well as that of anyone you work with. NO profession is regulated the way Best Friends and Van Kavage want breeders to be regulated. It's driving the ethical, responsible breeders out and replacing them with those who are substandard and wouldn't comply anyway. I'm not sure why IL authorities can't see this - but they can't see past the big donors, I guess. And if IL laws are the best in the nation - tell me, why are HSUS, PETA, etc. (including PAWS Chicago) lobbying for more, more, more?? Simple - it keeps the money train coming in when they show doctored, false campaigns about non-existent "puppy mills" in IL.

    If you want full disclosure buy your dog responsibly, do your research and visit breeders. There's no need to help those who engage in terrorizing behavior to do it even more by handing them a road map to a breeder's home.

  • Whatever, Dale, you breeder lover!

    And Sinend, "nonexistent" puppy mills in IL? You're full of you know what. You breeders will say anything to keep your procreation business bankrolled!

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