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Top-10 Resolutions for Pets for 2010

More than resolutions, this might be better described as a Top-10 wish list of my hopes and dreams for pets for 2010:(May you and your entire family enjoy a healthy and safe New Year!)

Not Your Average Pet Post, Traveling Home from Mexico Made Me Growl

“You must put all medications into your packed luggage.” Those were the instructions we received as we made it up to the ticket counter at the airport in Cancun, Mexico on December 28, following a vacation in nearby Playa del Carmen. My wife Robin frantically pulled pills from her purse, and I had some allergy... Read more »

Merry Christmas Michael Vick

The Philadelphia Eagles announced that teammates voted convicted dogfighter Michael Vick with this year’s Ed Block Courage Award, announced December 23. The Ed Block Courage Award is presented annually to an Eagles player who exemplifies commitment to the principals of sportsmanship and courage. According to press reports Vick’s response, “I’ve had a lot to overcome,... Read more »

World's Tallest Dog

George, a Great Dane in Tucson, is now the world’s tallest dog, 7’3″. I suppose seeing is believing. George tips the scale where a small horse might, 245 lbs. Well, what do you think? Is this a ‘believe it or not’ ‘tail?’ The previous tallest dog ever was Gibson, who passed away in August. Here’s... Read more »

Could Rudolph Have Had a Sex Change Operation? Shocking News

Sorry to do this – and on all days…but the truth is that male reindeer drop their antlers by December. That means since all of Santa’s reindeer have antlers, they must be girls, including Rudolph. So, yes, Rudolph could have had a sex change. Talk about your reindeer games.I know my animals, but for those... Read more »

Treatment for FIP?

According to Dr. Al Legendre PI (Polyprenyl Immunostimulant) might be a treatment for FIP.If your cat has been diagnosed with, Legendre might make the PI treatment available. Lots of promising treatments for Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP) have come and gone over the years. For starters, Legendre is hardly a quack – the guy is revered... Read more »

12 Tips for a Safe Holiday for Pets

It’s not the most wonderful time of the year if your pets aren’t safe. Here are 12 tips to keep your pets out of harms way – and out of reindeers’ way – this holiday season:

Pet Book Stocking Stuffers

Seeking a last minute stocking stuffer…how about a book for your pet loving friends or relatives, or maybe for your significant other? Here some ideas:

My Favorite Top-10 Gifts For Pets

Wondering what to buy your pets for the howlidays? The economy may still be in the doghouse, but the spirit of giving to four-legged family members hasn’t diminished. Here are some ideas (all are new products):

Animals in Illinois are Safe

Report Ranks Illinois Best in Animal Protection Laws, according to the Animal Legal Defense Fund. Actually, I personally agree with this…And soon, I hope, for a new law. And you read it here first: Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart (who we can credit for many animal protection laws) was on my WLS show discussing the... Read more »