Cat Stuck in Wall, announcements from the Chicago Veterinary Medical Association and Miss Meowsky on Steve Dale's Pet World

I work a double shift tomorrow (Saturday, November 28) on WLS - Steve Dale's Pet World, or 890 AM.

At 6 am (cst) - listener Ann Bodman tells the amazing story of how she extricated her cat from between walls in her home (check out the gallery here). And Dr. Yuval Nir, president of the Chicago Veterinary Medical Association answers your questions. Email me or call into the show. And Dr. Nir has a special announcement about myself and my good friend, Dr. Sheldon Rubin.

Speaking of Dr. Rubin, when I return at 2 p.m., Dr. Rubin joins me for a unique surprise, with Miss Meowsky. Also, Ledy VanKavage of Best Friends  talks about the nearly 50 dogs transported from a puppy mill in Missouri to volunteers at DoGone Fun in Chicago, and then delivered to warm and happy homes by Pet Airways. Ledy will also discuss a City Hall hearing on Monday from Ald. Ray Suarez to limit the number of dogs per home. I'm against, so is Best Friends. How do you feel? One reason: In melded homes today due to divorces or foreclosure - one person (or family) has say 3 dogs, and the home they're going into have 3. Now, you have to kill a dog? How is this good????

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