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Just Arrest Me Now - Dog Limit Proposal Dies

At City Hall today (Monday, 11/30) Ald. Gene Schulter’s committee on Licensing and Consumer Protection entertained a proposal to limit the number of dogs in Chicago. There was no vote – more to come on the outcome from the primary proponent of the ordinance, Ald.Ray Saurez. First to testify, Mark Rosenthal, of animal care and... Read more »

How Many Dogs Are Too Many - City Council May Say Magic Number is Five

If you have five dogs in Chicago, you soon may have to let one go. There isn’t even a grandfather clause in the proposed ordinance on dog limits from Aldmerman Ray Suuarez (31st) which will be discussed at a hearing Monday, November 30 at City Council Chambers at noon (room 201-A, City Hall). According to... Read more »

Serving Up a Cesar Millan Alternative

On Cesar Millan, lots of Blog comments and private email directed at me: ‘Steve, based on your Blog posts it’s clear you don’t like Cesar Millan (the Whisperer),’ and ‘anti-Cesar’ newspaper stories. So what type of dog training do you like? Over the next few weeks, I’ll offer several examples Here’s a video with certified... Read more »

Mummified Cat Found at Toronto Humane

Toronto Humane Society officials were arrested, and various charges including animal cruelty followed. Read the comments, on my post (linked to here), they are quite description – but not nearly as descriptive as this video of a mummified cat found at the Toronto Humane Society. Warning: This is explicit and tough to watch. Thank you... Read more »

Cat Stuck in Wall, announcements from the Chicago Veterinary Medical Association and Miss Meowsky on Steve Dale's Pet World

I work a double shift tomorrow (Saturday, November 28) on WLS – Steve Dale’s Pet World, or 890 AM. At 6 am (cst) – listener Ann Bodman tells the amazing story of how she extricated her cat from between walls in her home (check out the gallery here). And Dr. Yuval Nir, president of... Read more »

Can You Tell If Your Cat Is In Pain?

How can you tell if you cat is in pain? It’s not as easy as you think. Cats are subtle about demonstrating signals that they’re ill or that they hurt. Dogs are more demonstrative; and I also think we tend to ‘get’ dog language more than cat language. Here are behaviors suggestive of post-operative pain... Read more »

Toronto Humane Society Officials Arrested

In a bizarre series of events, Tim Trow  Toronto Humane Society officials were arrested. Tim Trow, Toronto Humane Society President and four other employees are facing criminal animal cruelty charges, and other offenses, following a raid. Shackled in handcuffs Trow, the society’s chief veterinarian, the shelter’s general manager and two other staff members were escorted... Read more »

A Dog in a Wig

I posted on Glamourpusses, cats wearing wigs, a new trend. Trend? Asked for you to send me photos of cats in wigs. I was overwhelmed with a single email (that cat was actually wearing a hat not a wig – but that’s as close as it got). Well, here’s Gustopher Brown, a dog in a... Read more »

Thanksgiving Dogs

Whoa! No wonder Native Americans were taken aback….not only did scores of pilgrims march off the Mayflower, according to the American Kennel Club so did several 200 pound plus Mastiff dogs. Also English Springer Spaniels made he trip. Mastiff (photo by Mary Bloom) Hear dog show guru David Frei talk about the National Dog Show... Read more »

Broadway Joe Namath's Dog Gets Sacked

Ex quarterback Joe Namath’s Labrador Retriever, Leo, was deemed dangerous by a special magistrate in Palm Beach County, FL. When Leo goes out in public he must now wear a muzzle. It’s the same request, but for another reason, the New York Jets made of Namath decades ago. (thanks Karen P. for handing off this... Read more »