You Asked To Hear Markley on the Radio...Here's The Dog Hater, Give A Listen

It was a few weeks back fellow ChicagoNow blogger Stephen Markley wrote about why he hates dogs.

I responded, barking in defense of dogs - describing just a few examples of how dogs benefit society.

Stephen's entitled to his opinion - but I didn't understand, and I wanted to...after all, Markley was never bitten by a dog, he's not afraid or allergic. It's one thing to not especially care for dogs - it's another thing to hate. So I could better comprehend his views, I invited the  the ChicagoNow blogger and RedEye reporter on my WLS AM radio show, Steve Dale's Pet World.
You asked me to post, so here ya' go.


What do you think? Was I too hard
on the guy? Not hard enough on him?  He says I owe him a beer since he
woke up so early to do the show. I say, he obviously (if you listen)
barely woke up, and besides I plugged his nonsensical book on a 50,000
watt radio station. He totally owes me a six-pack, and a week of dog
(Markley follows other interviews on the On Demand show, after the
guy who lived with wolves, and following Allie Phillips of American
Humane talking about a ground breaking program, Therapy Animals
Supporting Kids - of course, if you desire you can fast forward).

Here's how I reported on his radio appearance.
As for Stephen, he apparently had no idea what he said, according to his own words.


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