Where Dogs Can Be Dogs

They tout Camp Dogwood is where dogs can be dogs. Having participated in camp there, I agree. It's also where where people can play with their dogs, but enjoying what the dogs want to do first and foremost. Younger dogs (depending the season) can partake in agility, lure coursing or go swimming...among a long a list of possibilities...while older dogs can just hang out and get a massage.

Hopefully some campers will share their experiences. Sunday (tomorrow) Robin and I will take Lucy and Ethel for the day (couldn't go earlier because I had to work on the radio Saturday). Here are some photos from an earlier camp session.


Terry was on my WLS radio show, she's been to about every camp session


Camp Dogwood attracts celebrities like Miss Meowski, here with her two dogs, Kaycee and Gus


I love Camp Dogwood

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