Move Over Miley Cyrus - This is the #1 Music Video, "Life's A Game"

If you get this concept - I think you get dog training...
enjoy this little's catchy....


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  • This is really cute, but not only that, it makes a really good point. Why don't we start our dog training with tricks? People are more light hearted and don't get as frustrated if their dog doesn't do something perfectly. Or start with games. The owner's attitude determines how well or easily the dog learns. The dog learns the same skills with tricks, it's just more fun and the bond between dog and owner is stronger.

  • I liked it! Hey, you know, the herding photo reminded me to let you know about Stocktoberfest 10/31/09-11/1/09! It's at a farm (very rustic) outside of Genoa City, WI. More info at Shannon, as some of you already know, is a terrific instructor and we always had a good time when we were taking herding lessons.

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