Dressing Up Just for Barks: Halloween Costume Contest for Canines

"Tricks & Treats: A Howl of a Good Time," features costume contests for pets, sponsored by Barker & Meowsky: A Paw Firm. The event begins at 11 am, Sunday, October 25th at the Bridgeview Bank parking lot (Halsted St. and Armitage Ave.). It says in the press release, 'Imagine your pet being introduced by celebrity judge Steve Dale." hmmmm....that could be scarier than the costumes. For kids, there will also be face painting and spooooky stories. Also judging, Jill Cahr (Ian's mom) and Billy Rafferty (dog groomer pro), co-authors of "Happy Dog: Caring for Your Dog's Mind, Body and Spirit."

Halloween 2 witches.jpg
Halloween, Ada Nieves and Tequila Bon.jpg



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  • Dear Steve:
    Yes, dressing up can be fun as long as the pet isn't wedged into something ridiculous or humiliating. As you recently sagely wrote: "If you do put a costume on a dog and the pet looks mortified, it's not the best candidate for trick-or-treating." On one occasion my owner saw fit to put a large red Christmas bow around my neck and even this encumbrance was a bit too much to bear on the streets of Manhattan (but being a generally amiable and cooperative Labrador retriever I did). It is hard to imagine that the Chihuahua pictured above in that combination tutu and angel wings (bottom right) is enjoying him or herself, but the character in the clown suit (top right) seems to bearing up well.
    The key to a Happy Halloween is some kind of meeting of minds of pet and owner, especially a generous doling out of delectables. Happy judging.

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