Camp Dogwood - Where Dogs Can Be Dogs

I love Camp Dogwood (held in Ingelside, IL). . . surrounded by dogs, and people who love their doesn't get any better...In this instance, pictures tell the story...More photos on my Facebook Fan Page (this is only a sampling here, and larger photos and more of them ion of what's here on the Fan Page). Hope you also become a Steve Dale fan, and become a Camp Dogwood Fan Page member.


the incredible Miss Meowsky is like pied piper, always attracting dogs (and people lover her too....she is Miss Meowsky)


Robin and Scooby (Wendy and Sam's dog - who Robin would like to kidnap)


Carting, is that a horse or a dog


What a catch - this dog and person came in from Lincoln, Nebraska - people come from all over (with their dogs) to Camp Dogwood


I really like this...learning basic agility, you can see the confidence grow in this dog over the course of 45 minutes - that's cool!


This beagles, very opinionated, had a lot to say. For example, this beagle is very much against Obama's public option on health insurance.


Our nearly 15-year old Lucy had not tried agility in maybe 5 years...but it all came back...she's wasn't very fast, but she needed no coaxing. It's amazing how that happens

Again, more on my Facebook Fan Page, but below is evidence - what happened to the kidnapped Pug at Camp Dogwood

Camp Dogwood kidnap 4.jpg

This Pug was kidnapped...poor Pam - losing her dog this way, and our former Vice President (Dick Cheney, for those who may not recall) torturing the poor dog. The FBI was called in, the dog was recovered unhurt.

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