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A Hidden French Gem: Bistro Voltaire

A Hidden French Gem: Bistro Voltaire
The folks at Bistro Voltaire reached out to me a while back to come by and be transported to Paris for an evening. For those of you who don’t know, besides Chicago, Paris is my favorite city in the world! Even though I spent a semester studying in London, there is just some “je ne... Read more »

Mom’s Chili and a Bertolli Giveaway

In my opinion one of the biggest football days of the year is January 1st, which is actually right around the corner. Along with football comes chili season of course! Growing up in my house in the north suburbs winter means football, fireplaces and chili and chili’s faithful sidekick, corn muffins. In some people’s opinions... Read more »

Last Minute Halloween Party Foods

This recipe is super easy to put together! Simply use a canned tomato soup such as Campbells and cook as directed. Then pour the soup into little beakers that can easily be passed around at a party!
In honor of Halloween, I wanted to share with everyone some of my favorite “spooky” recipes I’ve been stalking over the past few weeks! If you’re stuck for ideas for a last minute bash I’ve got some great Sandra Lee inspired semi-homemade recipes to help you out! Bloody Test Tubes, Eyeball Martini, and Candy Corn... Read more »