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The Finish Line- Reflecting on Boston

The Finish Line- Reflecting on Boston
I am not just a foodie, I’m also a runner. I usually try and stick to food on this blog, but yesterday a lump in my throat formed that just wouldn’t go away, and food was the last thing on my mind. This past October I ran my first full marathon. For me, it was... Read more »

Hot Dougs Chicago

Waiting in line at Hot Dougs is all part of the experience. It was fun to go with a group of friends, and these guys kept me entertained for the waiting period. If you can't tell...yes we are all Mizzou grads!
Sometimes all you want in the summer is a hot dog. The other weekend I went with four of my best guy friends to Hot Dougs where we feasted on duck fat fries, several sausages, and one of the best  corn dogs I’ve ever had. After sending my boyfriend a picture of the spread, he... Read more »