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My Audition for "Bobby Flay’s Best Home Cooks"

A few days after I sent in the initial application I got a phone call from the casting agency requesting that me and my Dad do a short Skype interview with them to see if they’d like to come out and film our home and a small spread for two we’d set up for lunch. The whole audition cycle happened very quickly and was a little overwhelming, but also gave me less time to over analyze the situation and become nervous. I’m lucky enough to work for a non-profit organization that loves food, the Institute of Food Technologists, and my supervisors were super flexible through the whole process.
In early August a casting agency reached out to me through my blog to audition for a new Food Network show called “Bobby Flay’s Best Home Cooks” (working title).  Needless to say, I was thrilled about the opportunity. The show’s premise is to have duos of amateur chefs with no formal culinary experience battle against... Read more »

Gourmet Mexican-Fish Tacos

the finished "fried" fish
For those of you who follow my blog you know that I have a small obsession with fish tacos.     Now that I’ve successfully tried almost every fish taco Chicago has to offer I decided to give it a whirl and try creating my own fishy masterpiece. First I created a delectable mango salsa and a... Read more »