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RA Sushi's New Menu

The appetizers might have been my favorite course of the evening and the two edamame dishes really stood out. The garlic edamame was my favorite, which consisted of the traditional steamed soybeans sautéed in a garlic butter and Asian seasoning. I just couldn’t get enough of the sauce they came dressed in; if I was alone in my apartment I definitely would have licked the dish.
If you haven’t been to RA Sushi recently, you probably don’t know that they’ve got a few new additions to their menu. And when I say a few, I mean like a dozen or more! If you’ve been reading my blog for a while now you may remember my post in April 2011 about the... Read more »

Roys Chicago Tasting Experience

As me and my sister, (my guest for the evening), entered the restaurant we were ushered to specific seats and even had a customized menu with my name on it. Passed appetizers included several different kinds of sushi rolls and coconut shrimp. My favorite roll was a California maki with lobster. Lobster is definitely on my top list of favorite foods and the roll was even served with eel sauce, which all my friends know I ALWAYS order on the side with sushi. 
After everyone had arrived and settled into their spots we were served the first course, which might have been my favorite because it included…yes you guessed it, lobster! Maine lobster dim sum to be exact. The lobster dim sum came in a wonton like wrapping (probably boiled, not fried) with a white truffle emulsion and a lobster cream sauce. I recently bought black truffle oil at Whole Foods and I must say I’ve been unable to stop myself from adding it to everything. So…you can imagine my ecstasy at learning truffle oil was integrated into at least one dish so far at Roys!
Recently I had the opportunity to enjoy a four-course meal at Roy’s Hawaiian Fusion Restaurant in the Gold Coast neighborhood on the house! I’ve always wanted to try Roy’s but never really had the chance until now! I actually couldn’t think of a better way of getting to know the menu other than a four... Read more »