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Jellyfish Chicago-Sushi for Brunch!

If you’re a fan of pan-Asian cuisine and sushi any time of the day I’ve got the perfect new brunch place for you! Jellyfish, a Chicago celebrity hot spot is now offering brunch at their beautifully decorated gold coast restaurant. This year-old restaurant known for their creative sushi rolls and bright Asian flavors recently started... Read more »

Easy and Healthy Baked Eggs Over Creamy Spinach

Easy and Healthy Baked Eggs Over Creamy Spinach
If you’re looking to impress guests with a fancy brunch dish, look no further! These easy baked eggs over creamed spinach are super simple to prepare and require very few ingredients making it the perfect semi-homemade meal. I came upon this idea after seeing baked or shirred eggs on the brunch menus of several restaurants... Read more »

My First Encounter with SPAM and Why I Liked It!

My First Encounter with SPAM and Why I Liked It!
Early morning before work the other week I dropped by Uncle Mike’s Place, a breakfast place in West Town known for their famous Filipino breakfast, to try out two new dishes they had for a limited time on their menu. Both of these dishes included SPAM. And not just any old SPAM, the two newest... Read more »

Best Easter Brunch Dishes in Chicago

Balsan- Artisan cheese and charcuterie board to share with beer mustard, honey grapes, toasted sourdough, and Balsan's raisin walnut bread
With Easter coming up tomorrow I’ve received a lot of tasty sounding Easter brunch menus from local Chicago restaurants and I wanted to highlight a few dishes that I thought sounded fabulous! Please note that I haven’t yet tried these dishes, but based on the description and my knowledge of the restaurants featured, I can... Read more »

Brunch at Roka Akor Chicago

This was one of my favorite brunch options. The fish was super fresh and it wasn't overpowered by the citrus or other ingredients in the ceviche mix. I discovered that the rest of the sashimi I tried on Sunday was also extremely fresh and didn't have an overly fishy taste. They also had my three favorite options, tuna, super white tuna and salmon. YUM.
This past Sunday the folks at Roka Akor Chicago gave both me and a friend the wonderful opportunity to try their brunch extravaganza free of charge. This is no ordinary brunch; Roka Akor combined all their best menu items into a three-station brunch buffet. One of the reasons I enjoyed the brunch so much was... Read more »