10 Tips for MasterChef Auditions

10 Tips for MasterChef Auditions

Next Saturday, October 19th MasterChef open call auditions are coming to Chicago! I recently spoke with MasterChef Supervising Casting Producer, Erika Landin who gave me a few tips for auditioning. If you think you have what it takes I’ll see you out there next Saturday and you better believe you’ll be up against some tough competition (me)!

  1. Arrive early and be prepared to wait. In bigger cities like Chicago lines can be especially long and if you’re serious about being seen, it’s better to get there early to be closer to the front of the line, rather than risk not being seen at all by getting stuck at the back of the line.
  2. Bring a dish that will hold up well and still taste good at room temperature. Since you’ll be waiting no matter when you arrive, make sure your dish is going to taste good when it’s not at its optimum temperature. No matter how hard you work to keep a dish warm or cool, the properties of the food will change over a period of time.
  3. Bring your MasterChef personality. This is TV people! Producers aren’t looking for just a good home cook; they’re looking for a cook with a great personality. Whether you’re rough and tumble or sexy in the kitchen, bring your A game.
  4. Pre-register online: http://www.masterchefcasting.com/web/apply. It will make things go faster and smoother on location and if producers are looking at the pre-registered list then you’ll already be standing out.
  5. Don’t forget the application: http://www.masterchefcasting.com/MasterChef-Season-5-Open-Calls.
  6. There will NOT be a kitchen to cook or warm up your dish so come prepared!  Also, they will NOT supply you with dishes, utensils, etc, so you must bring your own. You will have a few minutes to plate and arrange your food.
  7. Bring a dish that represents you best as a home cook. Don’t try and make something fancy-pants dish for your first time, make something you love and you know is good and been affirmed by family and friends.
  8. Make your audition memorable, but make it taste good. If you have a special talent, make sure you share it, but even if you’ve made your whole meal blindfolded, if it’s not good, you’re not getting in!
  9. Know about MasterChef. If you’ve never seen an episode and have no idea who the judges are, look it up now! Don’t come into the audition ill-prepared for a show you know nothing about.
  10. Be yourself! In the end that’s all it comes down too. If you’re a great home cook with a great personality you’re sure to shine!

Day: Saturday, October 19
Location: Le Cordon Bleu, 361 W. Chestnut, Chicago IL, 60610
Time: 10am-6pm
Frequently asked questions about auditions: http://www.masterchefcasting.com/MasterChef-Season-5-Faq


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    rule #1 in applying for a TV show; be attractive
    Rule # 2 in applying for a TV show; don't be unattractive.
    Rule# 3 in applying for a TV show: be attractive...

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