Wendy’s New Chicken Sandwiches and Great Public Relations

Wendy’s New Chicken Sandwiches and Great Public Relations

Many of you don’t know that besides my food blogging, I also do public relations as my “day job.” One of my favorite things about blogging is that besides trying lots of great food, I also get the chance to see how other PR professionals promote the brands they represent. So today this post doubles as both a food post and PR post!

About two weeks ago I got an email from an account executive at a big Chicago PR agency who said she’d love to send me over some new sandwiches from a brand she was representing, but she couldn’t tell me where they were from. I resisted the urge to stalk the PR agency’s website and see what national restaurant chain brands they represented, because not knowing was the part that really built up the excitement for my surprise Tuesday treat. I used to do food drops for a large restaurant chain brand as well and we always told the news outlets ahead of time exactly what they had coming and where we were from. Now that I think about it, not knowing anything is a great tactic because if I did know what and where I might have said no, so could other news outlets.

The delivery came with a little red lunchbox and one clue from the PR professional who dropped it off, “It’s from your favorite redhead,” she said. I knew at that point it had to be Wendy’s! I don’t eat Wendy’s often as I don’t have a car and the closest restaurant isn’t exactly walking distance from where I live. But, I do have very fond memories of going through the drive-through late at night for a delicious burger while I was an overnight camp counselor. But I have to say, the hamburger and Frosty at Wendy’s are pretty much the extent of my eating experience there.


The first sandwich was a chicken sandwich with honey mustard, spring mix and tomatoes. Despite making a trip from the store to my desk it held up quite well, the lettuce leaves weren’t soggy yet and the chicken was still warm. I really liked the whole-grain bread it came on and the chicken was fresh and I didn’t encounter any nasty cartilage pieces which I am always on the lookout for. The second sandwich was chicken, applewood-smoked bacon, natural Asiago cheese, tomatoes and a creamy Asiago ranch sauce. This one was pretty good too but I would have liked it better if the bacon was a bit crispier. I did like that this one had a sharp bite of that Asiago cheese offered.

Both of the sandwiches came on the grainy bread which is a great way to get extra fiber into peoples diets, especially if you don’t have time to sit down and make a whole meal for yourself. I learned from the little handout that the flatbread has 5 different grains, the sandwiches both have all-white meat chicken breast, and a spring mix that features 9 different types of fresh greens.  I cut each sandwich in half in an attempt to be healthy, and ate a granny smith apple along with it. Nutrition highlights can be found here: http://aboutwendys.com/flatbreadgrilledchicken/d/FBGC%20Fact%20Sheet%20FINAL.pdf.

Overall I was really impressed with both the sandwiches and the PR efforts that went into promoting them. I’m sure they would have tasted even better if I would have eaten them right after they came from the store!

Disclosure: Wendy’s did provide me with their two new sandwiches free of charge and a gift card.

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