My Audition for Check Please! Chicago

This week I submitted my audition video for the new host of Check Please! I was a little bit nervous to put myself out there but I figured I didn't have much to lose!

I wanted my video to be a mini Check Please! episode and instead of focusing on a restaurant like the show does, focus on me and my signature chipotle fish tacos with mango salsa. If you remember, I used them for my Bobby Flay audition this past summer. I developed my script to be conversational, but at the same time added some things in that I knew I wanted to emphasize. I'm lucky enough that one of my coworkers is a video whiz and was willing to help me out film and edit the audition video. She really did a great job and made it look super professional. I had two of my friends and my sister help as well by joining me at the table and talking about why I'd make a great host and about my tasty fish tacos! My favorite part of filming and was coming up with my own Anchorman-style sign off..."Keep Eating Chicago!"

You can also view the video on YouTube here:


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  • Good luck! I hope you get the job. I love to watch Check Please.

  • Great video and the only thing I didn't like is that I didn't get to taste those fish tacos! I tweeted it I thought it was so well done!

    Good luck and let us know how it goes!

  • just before I saw the paycheck for $7149, I didn't believe that my friends brother had been actualey bringing home money in their spare time at their computer.. there aunt has done this for only about 12 months and just cleard the morgage on there mini mansion and got Mazda. go to, pie21. com

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