My Audition for "Bobby Flay’s Best Home Cooks"

In early August a casting agency reached out to me through my blog to audition for a new Food Network show called “Bobby Flay’s Best Home Cooks” (working title).  Needless to say, I was thrilled about the opportunity. The show’s premise is to have duos of amateur chefs with no formal culinary experience battle against each other in a series of cooking challenges in a chance to be crowned the best home cook in America!



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  • The casting committee couldn't taste the food? Then what was the point? To see who could take the most abuse from a Master Chef?

    In any event, Joey Fatone is still available. And like him, when he met the Cortez family on his show, you just got spammed.

  • I also went through fast track process with a friend of mine. We were way past the entry date, so they called me the day of my email application, wanted a spread of food and skype interview all for the next day. Then another application to be filled out....well after jumping through hoops for them, I thought there was no further need to fill out another form, so I didn't bother and heard nothing from them! I guess the show did,'t happen after all, which was fine as I'm not a great fan of Bobby Flay, lol

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