Hot Dougs Chicago

Sometimes all you want in the summer is a hot dog.

The other weekend I went with four of my best guy friends to Hot Dougs where we feasted on duck fat fries, several sausages, and one of the best  corn dogs I've ever had. After sending my boyfriend a picture of the spread, he asked me, "Did you really have cheese fries, a gourmet sausage, and a corn dog?" Unashamedly I answered, "Duh." I'm lucky enough to have friends who love to eat, and even better that I went with the guys because there was zero judgement. One of them even asked halfway through our meal if we just shouldn't hop on over to Kuma's after and knock out two Chicago fave's in one day. According to his rationalization, by the time we actually sat down and ate, it might be 5pm, thus dinnertime. This is why I love them. No shame.




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