Chicago's Bacon Takedown


I attended Chicago's Bacon Takedown this past Sunday where I was selected as a judge!

The full list of contestants and their dishes are below:

  • Dawn Greer – Bacon Toffee Lollipops
  • Jon Chiou & Cait Fergus – Bacon Pierogis
  • Molliann & Kelly (Sweet Moses Baked Goods)– “Milk & Cookies” Bacon Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Cookies, Bacon Toffee & Hot Chocolate with Bacon Marshmallows
  • Abbey Sherrard & Kirstin Erni – Pig Balls (Chocolate Covered Banana Bread Rolled in Bacon)
  • Cheryl, Ben, Sara & Kelly – Louisville Derby Piggy Tarts
  • Sarah Johnston – Bacon Banana Nut Bread with Bacon Bourbon Glaze
  • Caitlin Brown, Chelsea Gregory & Reed Black – Truffle Mac Heart Attack
  • Sophie Michals – Bacon Chocolate Chip Coffee Cookies
  • John Carruthers – Bayou Bread Pudding
  • Mike Altshuler (aka Big Mike) – Bacon Maple Caramel
  • Lance – Bacon Sausage
  • Noel Curran – BBQ Bacon Chestnuts
  • Chris Chin – Tomato Bacon Jam & Cheddar Biscuits
  • Josh Gutzwiller & Nick Angel – Heavenly Bacon Mac & Cheese Wrapped in Bacon
  • John Ihns –Sticky Belly (candied spicy & sweet bacon presented in cute little envelopes)
  • Giuseppe Paoulos & Tony Virgilio – Kevin Bacon Pops
  • Marlon & Edgar Aguilar – Aguilar Bacon Tamales


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  • You're so lucky you got to judge!!!! I think my favorite was the Truffle Mac Heart Attack and the bread pudding. Sooooo good.

  • In reply to Chicago Quirk:

    OMG that one was amazing as well! I love anything that includes essence of truffle anything lol.

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