Starbucks 40th Anniversary in Chicago

I have to admit when it comes to Starbucks I am guilty of "the special order". Whenever my friends, family or boyfriend asks if they can pick me up a Starbucks beverage on their way home I always hesitate to respond yes as I know that there is some part of my order that will probably get messed up. Hello I am Stephanie and I am a non-fat, no whip, no caramel or chocolate sauce white mocha. Now to some of you coffee drinkers that may seem simple and to others, the most complicated order ever. But the one thing I love about Starbucks is that no one ever balks at my special order and it always tastes the way I like it.

On Wednesday I was invited to my very first coffee tasting in honor of Starbucks 40th Anniversary and got to try some of their new blends and sweet treats. It was a nice break from my work day and definitely kept me awake the rest of the afternoon. I also discovered that maybe I was ready to graduate from white mocha land to the sophisticated Tribute blend a la French press.


Starbucks district manager Semira showed me and several other bloggers the steps to a real coffee tasting which is not unlike a wine tasting. Listed below are the steps; think about them the next time you slurp, yes slurp a cup of coffee!

  1. Smell the coffee, try and identify the different flavors
  2. Slurp- good coffee is always hot, slurp your coffee so you don't burn yourself
  3. Locate where the coffee hits your palate, is it in the front, the sides, the back?
  4. Describe the flavor


starbucks 002.jpg

I was able to try Starbucks new Tribute blend as well as their new Cocoa Cappuccino. My favorite part of the tasting though was Starbucks new sweet treats called "Petites" little dessert bites that are all 200 calories or less because they are all miniaturized. Lemon Sweet Squares, Salted Caramel Sweet Squares, Carrot Cake Mini Cupcakes, Peanut Butter Mini Cupcakes, Red Velvet Whoopie Pies and Cake Pops in three different flavors: Birthday Cake, Tiramisu and Rocky Road. By far the Birthday Cake Pop was my favorite, it was so moist inside and had a white chocolate dipped outer core with sprinkles. Who doesn't love sprinkles???

The best part of Starbucks 40th Anniversary is that this weekend March 10-12th between 2:00 p.m and 5:00 p.m. you have a chance to try any of Starbucks news "Petites" if you come in and order any handcrafted beverage.

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