Paris Club Chicago

Before Paris Club Chicago officially opened I had the chance to attend the restaurant's "practice party".  It was a wonderful opportunity to try a plethora of different things on the menu and I have to say each one was better than the next!

If you haven't yet had a chance to stop in, and I'm sure most haven't as it just officially opened two weeks ago, I highly recommend EVERYTHING. OK, well I didn't have a chance to try everything, but I did get a chance to try a lot of different small plates and even a few cocktails, and I enjoyed all of them.

My friend Anne and I were escorted to our table which was right up against a window, which gave us prime viewing of the entire restaurant. I really enjoyed how open the space was, it was a large restaurant but didn't feel overcrowded which was nice.

First we started off with drinks. I tried the Norman D. which was calvados, sparkling apple cider. My friend Anne got the French 59 which consisted of st. germain, mandarine napoléon, bubbly. I actually ended up liking hers best and got one later in the evening, it was hard not to drink them too quickly!


Just as we were starting to order our appetizers Chef Joho came over with a special charcuterie board for us, which wasn't even an option that night, I felt pretty special. It could have been the fact that Anne and I were far by the youngest in the room or that I was taking pictures of the restaurant, food and had a pen and pad, hmmmmm. Anyway, we loved all the pates, terrines and saucissons that were on the board as well as the most amazing French bread. I have a major weakness for French bread and pate.

Next we had the escargot bourguignonne  which was served in a garlic butter sauce inside a small thimble topped off with a little puff pastry. You scooped out the escargot and put it on top of the puff pastry and popped it into your mouth. It was absolutely amazing, if we hadn't been in a public place I might have drank the rest of the garlic butter sauce as well.

The other two small plates we tried were the duck cracklings with a spicy vinaigrette, which were amazing. The combination of the spicy vinaigrette and the hot and crispy duck cracklings was a perfect match. And Anne's favorite was the croque monsieur fingers with a dip madame. In case your wondering dip madame consisted of a poached egg in which you dipped the croque monsieur fingers into. I'm not a big fan of ham or poached eggs in general but the combination together was great!

Of course our evening couldn't be complete without the steak frites, which was just as tasty as everything else we had. I wish we weren't so stuffed so we could have enjoyed it even more. There was also a lot of other things on the menu we wished we could've tried had we enough room in our stomachs. I know I'll be back for the sea scallops, vegetable cassoulet, confit of duck and more.

As we were leaving I told Anne that we'd definitely be coming back soon. It seems like a great place to go with a big group of people, and you can share a bunch of things. It's on my list of possible birthday venues!

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