Summer Strawberry Salad

Right now I am as red as the strawberries I'm using for this delicious salad. Last Tuesday was my birthday and from that day onward I had something every night/day, including my first two cubs games of the season! I guess I have the bleachers to blame for my strawberry-like redness.

The inspiration for this salad popped up as I was spreading aloe all over my chest :-(




  1. 3 slices of bacon
  2. 7 strawberries
  3. feta cheese
  4. mixed greens
  5. honey mustard dressing: you can either make your own or buy some, depends on how much time you've got



  1. wash the mixed greens
  2. fry/cook/microwave the bacon and crumble
  3. crumble on the feta cheese
  4. slice the strawberries into pieces of 3-4
  5. drizzle with honey mustard dressing
  6. Viola! Summer Strawberry Salad

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