ESPN Zone's Pitchers and Sliders

So there are two things I could do right now, I could try and play off this entry like no big deal, or I could really just be myself and freak out a little bit. I.AM.ALMOST.FAMOUS. Ok, well not really but my delicious tasting at ESPN Zone Chicago the other day was pretty close. Me and my partner-in-crime, Andrew, met Brian Hanover the marketing manager over at EPSN Zone for a tasting of their new sliders.

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bbq pulled pork sliders, buffalo chicken sliders, mini hot dogs, BLT sliders and traditional sliders

Hanover took us to a private "sky box" glass seating area where we had the whole room and two tables to ourselves...boy did we end up needing them. The chef brought us out all five full orders of the different kinds of sliders and an order of their queso nachos (they saw my queso-dip recipe). By the end of the tasting I had never been so full in my a good way.

While the traditional sliders were pretty top notch, Andrew and I both liked the pulled pork sliders the best. The bbq sauce on it was amazing and was even better when you piled the coleslaw on the sandwich itself. Each of the sliders came with a different sauce, dip, or spread and they really made all of the different sliders quite tasty. I love the fact that the buffalo chicken slider was grilled instead of fried and had a perfect blue cheese to buffalo sauce ratio. The bacon on the BLT really made the sandwich, it was peppered and thick-cut which really brought out the sweet-smokey flavor.   

For $22.99 you get a
plate of four sliders - options include
traditional hamburger sliders, pulled pork sliders, buffalo chicken
BLT sliders or mini-hot dogs (one option per order), one 60-oz. pitcher
of draft domestic beer and two $5 game cards for use in the Sports
Arena. Hanover said that they wanted to do something for the start of
baseball season, especially since Chicago is a two-team town. It's also
pretty convenient that the ESPN Zone located in the River North area is
about equidistant to both ball parks. The promotion will run through September 30th, which is around the end of the regular season for both teams.

So if you don't know ESPN Zone has had sliders since they opened 10-years ago, so they aren't riding the new sports bar slider-theme. True they can't compete with White Castle's originals, but these babies come pretty darn close. Sometimes sliders are little hard to cook, but these were done just perfectly, hot but a little pink on the inside and the pickle totally made the burger. An interesting fact about this promotion is that ESPN Zone has NEVER had pitchers available before! Hanover said that it depends on how well this promotion goes whether or not they'll keep pitchers around full time. 

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