Bull and Bear Style Alfresco Dining: The Bull Pen

If you asked me the number one thing I'm looking forward to most about Chicago's summer it would have to be the alfresco dining. Chicago is famous for its sidewalk patios and Bull and Bear is no exception. Known as "The Bull Pen", Bull and Bear's patio has seating on both the Wells side of the street as well as Hubbard.


According to Michele Silverman, director of marketing and events, there are a few things you should know before coming in!
1. The Bull Pen is first come first serve, there are no reservations. It seats around 80 people.
2. The earlier, the better...usually from noon onward on sunny days the Bull Pen is packed all the way until close which is...
3. The Bull Pen closes at 11:00p.m. and the last official seating is sometime around 10:00p.m.
4. The official "patio license" is from May to October, but of course, if it's nice out- it's open.
5. Don't worry about not having a table tap, you can get a "Bearel" instead


A "bearel" holds 6 beers

Along with alfresco dining, Bull and Bear is planning some great seasonal menu and cocktail options. Last year Bull and Bear's white sangria and strawberry-mint lemonade were two of the most popular drinks. I'm sure hoping they will both be back this year...I have a weakness for Sangria of any kind. If you're as anxious as I am to taste the seasonal veggies and fruits, you'll have to wait until May when the menu officially changes. 


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