Immersion Blender+Hollandaise Sauce=Success

An Artistic Attempt:

This past weekend I tried my hand at painting. I recently acquired a new artist set from Michael's and so I picked up a small canvas as well. I figured, how hard could it really be? I'm a decent sketcher, so why wouldn't I be a decent painter? I was far from correct. I created the most hideous painting you have ever seen in your life! I would post a picture of it here, but I fear many of you would lose much respect if you saw the behemoth. Feeling discouraged at my artistic ability I decided to fall back on something I knew I could do, cook (aka the culinary arts)!

My First Classic Sauce: Hollandaise
Today's project...Hollandaise Sauce! I've read about a million different ways to make hollandaise, but I decided to try to make some using my immersion blender. Most recipes either call for the traditional double broiler or a standard blender. But why would I do either of those ways if I could make it much simpler? Some of you may criticize me for not following the "traditional" recipe, but as this is not a very traditional blog I decided to do it my way.

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my finished product



3 egg yolks
1/4 teaspoon of salt
dash of pepper (I used cayenne)
1 stick of butter of half a cup
1 tablespoon of lemon juice (I always would use fresh if I had it on hand, but I made mine with bottled and it tasted just fine)

First combine eggs, salt, pepper and lemon juice and set aside.
Melt butter on medium-high heat until completely liquid and then turn off the burner
Beat egg mixture for 2 full minutes (don't skimp on this part)
Then slowly (very slowly) add/drizzle the butter into the egg mixture
It should turn out pretty thick and fluffy


I was extremely proud of my sauce, as a couple of months ago I attempted to make béchamel sauce and did not go nearly as well. I'll have to attempt that again in the near future. Hollandaise is traditionally served with asparagus, eggs or Filet Mignon. I decided to try mine on some salmon with dill. It was out of this world!! You can put whatever amount you want on it, I prefer a lot!! Which probably isn't the best, because the recipe is pure fat and cholesterol but oh so good. And hollandaise is not a typical daily indulgence.


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