One Woman's View: Golf's Top 10 SEXIEST Men

Jen McAutry is this week's winner in our fantasy golf league so she gets to be the "Staying On Course Guest Blogger of the Week." Enjoy!


My smirky smile goes out to all the boys in our fantasy golf league for picking Tiger Woods to win at Torrey Pines. Sorry your guy finished 44th (and may still be in a bunker). 
Gee...MY foursome included the winner Bubba Watson and runner-up Phil Mickelson

Jenny Jenny Bang Bang!!
The topic I've chosen for the first of my predictably many guest blogs is my TOP TEN SEXIEST MEN IN GOLF (at least from the view of one woman who KNOWS golf AND sexy).
What's my SEXY criteria? Looks, Success, Coolness, Looks, Charm, Body, and did I mention...looks.


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  • you forgot tiger who's only the most successful golfer in history. 120 women can't be wrong.

  • I'm only one PGA card and two Rogaine treatments away from being on this list.

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