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Illinois' Governor Quinn Unveils Pension Reform Proposal

Last week, Governor Pat Quinn offered the outlines of a pension reform proposal that is an important first step in addressing Illinois’ massively underfunded public pension system. The plan calls for a 3% hike in employee contributions, phasing in an increase in the retirement age to 67, reducing cost of living adjustments, and shifting some... Read more »

A Message from CPS teacher, Nate: Save my classroom

My name is Nate, and I’m a teacher in a Chicago Public School. I love my job. No matter how long or hard I have to work, it’s always worth it to see my students learn and grow. But our massive pension debt — more than $100 billion and rising — is sucking money away... Read more »

Illinois Budget News: July 23

Another day, another dollar – make that dollar(s)…billions of them. If Rome is burning, then Illinois is blazing and it’s spreading like wildfire. To schools and universities, health care providers, and social service agencies – everyone is feeling the consequences of Illinois‘ fiscal crisis.   Recognized as the state most likely to default, Illinois‘ fiscal... Read more »