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The Solution is Pension Reform. Let's Work Together to Save Our State.

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Illinois has a major problem on its hands — and, it’s not going away. It’s Illinois’ pension problem. And, it impacts us all. Whether you are a hard-working teacher, employee of the State, a taxpayer or a family trying to make ends meet, everyone in Illinois is affected. Watch here to learn more. How serious... Read more »

Illinois Budget News: May 17

Another Monday and another great collection of editorials and news clips from the weekend and today. To start, we would like to quote the enitre editorial from the Chicago Tribune this morning, “Springfield’s lost boys“, but we’ll start with the opening paragraph. The full piece is a must read and calls on lawmakers to cut... Read more »

Illinois deep in debt, doesn't pay bills

For months, we’ve been trying to get the word out about Illinois $130 billion fiscal crisis. Throughout our campaign, it has been important to let people know the impact this drastic deficit would have on their lives and their communities. Yesterday, the Associated Press wrote how the crisis is pushing businesses and organizations to the... Read more »