The Time to Act is NOW! Tell Legislators "Pension Reform First"

The Time to Act is NOW! Tell Legislators "Pension Reform First"

Who got us into this mess isn't as important as who will get us out.

Your legislators head down to Springfield tomorrow and have just three days to address the disastrous pension crisis facing each and every one of us. Illinois' retirement programs for State employees and teachers are $140 Billion short.

That's right, $140 Billion.

If legislators fail to pass Senate Bill 512 in the next three days, you and every other resident of Illinois will be on the hook for billions more.

You'll pay and your children will pay. Support for your schools, public safety and healthcare will continue to get crowded out. Call your legislator today and tell them to do their job, and get us out of this mess. Reform Pensions NOW.

Jim Farrell talks about the urgency to restructure state pensions during the second Veto Session on WLS 890AM. Listen here.

Help save our state and the pension funds from insolvency. Urge your legislators to take action. Tell them,  "Pension Reform First."


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