Pension Reform Advances in Springfield.

An important step in the right direction happened  when the House Personnel & Pensions Committee voted 5-4 to send Senate Bill 512 to the full House for review.

Elected officials need to hear from YOU! Tell them you support SB 512 and that they should too. Failure to pass this bill will mean the State's BILLION DOLLAR burden will fall on you and your family.

Support responsible reform. Support SB 512 by contacting your legislators TODAY.

Read: Chicago Tribune, "Pension Overhaul Advances in Springfield"

Read: Chicago Sun-Times, "Pension Reform Needed"

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  • Regarding the claim Senate Bill 512 violates the Illinois Constitution the only part of Senate Bill 512 that could be so claimed is the increasing of the employee contribution, from 9,4% to 13.77%. The TRS website shows numerous times over that past 70 years where the employee contribution was raised and nobody raised a constitutional issue then. Why not?

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