We Support Our Teachers - You Should Too!

We Support Our Teachers - You Should Too!

Last week, we released a video to inform suburban and downstate teachers in Illinois that their pensions are at risk. As you know, there are two sides to every story, and we felt it was important that teachers hear some of the facts that their leaders and others are not telling them.

As you can see, this video shares some pretty alarming information. Today, there are not enough assets in the teachers' pension fund to pay benefits to all retired teachers, much less working teachers who are contributing to the fund each paycheck.

Our state's pension problem and the resulting $140 BILLION in total retirement-related obligations is NOT the teachers' fault, but they are the ones who have been put at risk. The state has let them down by offering pension plans it can no longer afford and pushing off its pension contributions to the future. Now we are ALL on the line to make up for the shortage of funds. Together, we must fix this and we must fix it now, so that the benefits teachers havealready earned will be preserved and the funds stabilized for the future.

We think this video is pretty eye-opening. See for yourself. We support our teachers and urge our elected officials to do the same. We hope we can count on you for support.


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  • If our support is "the 66% increase in the state income tax went entirely to pension obligations," so "let's increase taxes more to meet this obligation" and let's increase property taxes to meet the obligation to the police and fire pension fund, and we raised Real Estate Transfer taxes to cover the obligation to the CTA Pension Fund, but the real estate market went into the toilet, so that didn't work, no.

    Now, if you have some other way to "support our teachers," who seem more concerned about their pensions that teaching students to be functional, please explain further. Maybe you can get the "state politicians who did not pay their share" (as the posters in favor of that position always state on comment boards) pay it personally, maybe we will have something. Maybe Cullerton has $100 million of his own money to cover the unfunded liabilities, but don't go crying to the taxpayers.

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