A Message to Teachers: the Truth about your Pension

Illinois is Broke – $140 BILLION in debt – and if you’re a teacher its bad news for you. It’s basic math. There is not enough money to pay benefits to current retirees, much less you. That money being deducted from your pay check each month is going to pay benefits to current retirees. So who will pay for your retirement?

Your future is at risk. Where will you be when the money runs out? Sending your children to college? Preparing to retire? Ask yourself, how can Illinois overcome a staggering $140 BILLION retirement debt?

To save the funds, we will need bigger contributions each year. By 2045, we will need 50 percent of each tax dollar collected in the state.  The numbers don’t add up.

Watch this video, then take action. Ask your legislators and Union leaders the RIGHT questions and tell them to “Reform Pensions Now.” Your future is in your hands.

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